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Welcome at ART by STEP. 

ART by STEP wants to create a link between art enthusiasts and the many galleries in town and offers 9 ARTistic walking routes .

The walking route guides you from one gallery to another and provides some information about the neighborhood. The 9 art routes include:

  • a different neighborhood in Antwerp
  • a different distance
  • at least one museum
  • galleries. Talk to the gallery directors. They are very proud of their artists and they want to share their passion with you.

Take your time for each art route, and FIND YOUR ART TREASURE IN THE CITY.

Children can use the walking route by following arrows. They will find the route themselves and show it to their supervisors.  It is an instructive and fun activity.


If you are a disabled person, I can give you a personalised route to discover many galleries in a pleasant way. You can email me at


Click on one of the art bubbles for more information


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