The ARTistic walking routes for ART by STEP have been created:

° to encourage people to look at art and open themselves up to a creation that we do not understand at first sight. 

° to highlight Antwerp galleries in different neighbourhoods of the city.

° to allow art lovers to experience a different journey of discovery.

° to promote contemporary art and artists.


ART by STEP offers 8 art bubbles in the city of Antwerp which everyone can experience at their own pace: reading and walking the walking routes.

ART by STEP gives me a new satisfaction in sharing my passion, my contacts and my experience with you.

May it also be a new discovery for you.


The Art by Step project arose from pure passion for contemporary art and is also the result of a personal process that many people have to deal with: a chronic illness.

An illness has also prevented me from further developing my passion, namely guiding people in observing contemporary art by organising tours, visiting exhibitions and fairs, helping in galleries...

But my condition has brought me step by step into my power by creating ART by STEP.

My project is a tribute:

° to all people with a chronic condition,

° to the inherent power we all have to regain our lives: different but therefore no less beautiful and meaningful.

My project is an invitation to enter a 'dialogue with contemporary art'.

Art Greetings NIKKI