Visit to MIMA contemporary art museum and Harlan Levey Projects Gallery in Molenbeek



1pm MIMA: Guided tour of the contemporary art museum MIMA
In 2016 opened theMIMAcontemporary art museum Molenbeek. The institution is distinguished by its exhibitions that highlight a young generation that transgresses the artistic genres and goals a new audience to the museum.
Address: Quai du Hainaut 41, 1080 Molenbeek

2.30pm Gallery Visit of Harlan Levey Projects
Harlan Levey, the gallery owner, will talk about Haseeb Ahmed's solo exhibition.
- 2018: The Wind Egg, curated by Nav Haq, M HKA
- 2020: Monoculture, a recent history, curated by Nav Haq, M HKA
- 2022: A fountain of eternal youth, Bozar
Address: Isidoor Teirlinckstraat 65, 1080 Molenbeek

3.15pm Studio visit Emmanuel Van der Auwera
Emmanuel Van der Auwera is already included in many art collections.
Some highlights in Antwerp:
- 2017: exhibition Ecce Homo
- 2021, 2022: Borgerhub in Borgerhout.
- 2022: expo Finis Terrae
- 2022: ART ANTWERP,

4pm Visit studio space Designer Noro Khachatryan
Noro stands out with a pared-down design aesthetic and attention to detail. He loves sculptural objects in wood and natural stone, creates architectural elements in concrete, uses noble materials such as Patara marble and elm wood

date: Sunday February 12 2023 1pm